2012/13  Members Area The members area is now again  password protected. Members have  been emailed the global username  and password. For any members that  have not received the details please contact us giving us  details of your full name and 2012/13 membership number and  we will let you have details for login.  Upcoming social events Please see details on the meetings and events page.
The Home of the bredburyblues  Welcome to the web site of the Bredbury & South Manchester Manchester City Supporters Club  (1949). Please feel free to browse the site. Details of who we are can be found on the Our Club  and Committee pages of the site. For the members we have both the Forum and the Gallery.  Details of home and away travel are listed here as well as details of how to join and contact us at  bredburyblues. Finally, details of where we are based can also be found here.  We hope you enjoy the site and find everything you need concerning our club, please click on the  menu above for further details.  DISCLAIMER This is the website of Bredbury & South Manchester MCFC Supporters Club (1949). This website is organised and produced by Supporters only, we therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information contained within. Any views and observations put forward on this site are purely those of the Supporters and in no way represent the views of Manchester City Football Club. The Site has no connection with the Football Cub and its aim is to allow a group of like minded supporters this medium of disseminating news and exchanging opinions .  Made with Xara Upcoming Away League Games Names are being taken for Crystal Palace and Everton.  Prices for Everton will be added soon.  News & Updates
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AGM Thanks to those who turned out for the meeting  minutes are now available in the members area, as are  the accounts and other documents from the evening.