Special and player meetings We   have   been   extremely   lucky   in   having   some   great   players   and   in   November 2009   we   were   chosen   by   City   to   be   the   first   Supporters   Club   since   the   new owners    arrived    to    have    a    senior    first    team    player    at    a    meeting,    the    player concerned    was    Craig    Bellamy.    We    have    since    had    Gary    Cook,    Vincent Kompany, David Silva, Costel Pantilimon and Patrick Vieira.
Next meeting Details of the next meeting will be here when known.
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Social Events
Monthly meetings The   monthly   meetings   are   scheduled   for   the   second   Thursday   of   each   month during   the   season.   This   is   flexible   as   in   the   past   we   have   changed   dates   to accomodate   the   availability   of   key   guests.   Please   check   here   during   the   season   for date and guest confirmation. Over   the   years   our   guests   include   Bert   Trautmann,   Shaun   Goater,   Colin   Bell,   Mike Sumerbee,   Rodney   Marsh,   Joe   Corrigan,   Tommy   Booth,   Brian   Horton,   Tony   Book, David   White,   Gary   Owen,   Peter   Barnes,   Paul   Lake,   Richard   Edgehill,   Fred   Eyre, Mark Halsey, Eric Nixon, Ricky Hatton and many many more. The   meetings   comprise   of   a   Q   &   A   session   with   any   guest   and   then   any   club business will be attended to. Upcoming trips are booked and memberships taken. The   venue   for   all   meetings   is   the   Stockport   Sports   Village   details   can   be   found   on the contact & find us page .